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The first corporate goal for CNC is to earn money for its shareholders and increase the value of their investment.
We believe that the best way to measure if we are reaching our goals is by increase in earnings per share.
We treat our customers, employees, investors and suppliers as we would like to be treated.
We are delicated to the belief that people are our most important asset.
We believe people respond when: they are recognized, they have opportunity to grow and a fair compensation.
We believe that compensation should be directly related to job performance and therefore incentives, profit sharing or alike should be used in every possible situation.
From employees, we expect an honest day´s work for an honest day´s pay.
We believe in the philosophy of continued employment for all CNC people.
When we have a new opportunity of work, our effort is to find candidates in the CNC, its divisions or subsidiaries.
Without customers, and their need for our products and services, we don´t have anything.
We make our best to provide customers with quality service so that their needs are satisfied.
Once a commitment is made to a customer, every effort will be made to deliver it successfully.
We cannot operate profitably without those who supply the raw materials with the quality that we need for our products.
We want our suppliers to be competitive on the market, with respect and quality, in the price, deliveries and quantity of purchase.
We are loyal to suppliers who meet our quality and service requirements through all market situations.
We believe in a shared organizational structure, depending on the responsibility and accountability of each head of operation.
All managers are given authority and freedom to perform their duties within the objectives and targets of the company.
In line with this philosophy, we do not create procedures. If they are necessary for a particular operation of the company, the manager will create them.
We believe in a small staff and supporting people to serve the needs of our shareholders and operating units, as required.
We communicate through every possible channel with our customers, employees, shareholders and suppliers.
CNC practices good citizenship at all levels.
We encourage all our people to actively participate in the interests of the community.
We support all worthwhile community causes.